About ITTC


The Institute of Tally Training Centre (ITTC) is a premier Institute established in May 2015, ITTC is a pioneer in Application Software & Soft Skills training on the fundamental principle of providing excellence in computer education to the professional community, by delivering the highest quality and targeted expert training in TALLY, Computer Basics, E-Filing, AutoCAD, Staad Pro, etabs, Civil Engineering Projects, Soft Skills Training and Spoken English as well. ITTC is also a Consultant in Sales Tax, Income Tax, TDS and Auditing.
       ITTC is committed to providing its clients with specific solutions to maximize corporate and personal productivity.
       ITTC is uniquely qualified to provide educationally sound instruction due to its wealth of resources.

ITTC's Pledge

Their objective is to assist people in getting the most out of their courses offered. With this pledge, they are constantly upgrading their own abilities to keep abreast of the fast moving pace of software applications training.

They monitor the strong movement of products that can enhance your business profits, and design a curriculum to fit. They are convinced that application training is just as important as skills training. They understand proficiency in the use of computer software is only achieved with proper training from professional instructors.


  • Authorized Training
  • FREE Repeats for most courses
  • Private/Customized/On-site also
  • Hands-On approach/Small Class sizes
  • Multiple course Formats to Fit Your Needs
  • Affordable prices
  • FREE after-class Support
  • Premium Services for ALL your needs
  • Eliminate "Trial & Error" lost time
  • Short classes get you up & running quickly
  • Speed up your learning curve
  • Get answers to your questions
  • Learn expert tips and tricks
  • Increase your marketability
  • Improve personal and corporate productivity